Find Clarity Counselling and Therapy

Find Clarity Counselling

Why the name Find Clarity Counselling? When I begin working with clients I ask “what would you like to gain from our therapy work together?” and more often than not, I’ll hear a response along the lines of “I’m just trying to find some clarity” or “I just want to get some answers and figure out what’s going on”. Through our work together we can seek that clarity, unearth some transparency and bring some simplicity to a number of life’s complications.

How might counselling help?

You may be searching for therapy because things don’t feel right in life or because you would like to understand yourself better.  You may also be searching for a space to explore and make sense of your relationships with other people and with yourself.

Perhaps you are feeling stuck in life, not happy with the direction you’re heading or trying to find clarity. Counselling offers an opportunity to discuss your concerns in-depth with a trained therapist in a confidential, non-judgemental, safe setting.

Find Clarity Therapy, who is it for?

I work with a range of people across a complete spectrum of issues. After all, we are all individuals. None of us think and feel the same way and we each have different needs at different times. In our initial discussions we can look at what has brought you to therapy at this time and what you feel might be helpful for you.

To learn some more about how I work and what I offer take a look at Simon Cook

Sport, fitness and exercise counselling

One group of people who I tend to work with regularly are those who enjoy sports and fitness. As an active person myself, I understand how mental health and physical wellbeing are linked. Maybe we could use some of the skills and attributes from your active lifestyle to help your mental functioning?

Is your mood affected because you can’t take part in sports or train? Do you have an injury that’s stopping you from enjoying your usual fitness routines? Are other factors in life impacting on your exercise? Could it be that you might be physically fit but not where you’d like to be psychologically?

I’m not a performance coach, that’s something different. I am a therapy counsellor who can help you explore wider areas of your life. In the same way a personal trainer would help with your physical health, a counsellor can help with your mental health.