Anxiety Counselling in Basingstoke, Panic Attack Therapy

Anxiety counselling in Basingstoke at Find Clarity Counselling. Therapy for panic attacks and anxious feelings provided by counsellor Simon Cook at his therapy room in Basingstoke, RG21.

Anxiety counselling can help with the feelings of fear, stress and panic attacks. Anxiety in itself is completely natural and we all experience the emotion but when encountered at extreme levels, it can feel all-consuming, completely overwhelming and often lead to panic.

Whilst a fear can be attributed directly to something, anxiety is a more general feeling of unease which will be felt physically and mentally. Anxiety will be an accumulation of troubling thoughts which, when taken individually, are often manageable. The issue becomes unbearable when a series of cumulative worrying thoughts build up and we start to feel overwhelmed or suffer a panic attack.

Counselling provides a safe space to explore the anxious thoughts, to acknowledge the anxiety, reduce the stress levels and provide tips for dealing with a panic attack.

Therapy for Panic Attacks Basingstoke

When it comes to panic attacks, therapy can help assess where the extreme feelings originate and helpful ways to deal with the episodes of panic for when you are in the distressing moment. The deep and sudden intensity of the feelings can lead to dread, terror and horror and a real belief that something terrible is going to happen to us. Many people experiencing a panic attack feel that things are so bad that they might die.

Counselling can offer calming reassurance as well as specific techniques which can then be employed during a panic attack to help calm the body and the mind. Whilst in a state of panic it’s common to expect the worst case scenario, to dwell on it and for thoughts to be racing with an inability to concentrate on anything else. Physically the chest will often feel tight or painful. The panic will mean we find it hard to breathe and we might feel like we are going to choke. The heart will race and skip a beat and we can feel like we are having a heart attack. The stomach will churn, muscles tense, the body sweats and aches and we can feel light headed or dizzy.

Panic attacks can be triggered by worrying events or situations yet they can also appear to ‘come out of nowhere’ and in these cases,  the feelings of shock can intensify the panicky feelings yet further.

Counselling is a main treatment for helping to alleviate feelings of anxiety and panic attacks. As a trained therapist I offer support, knowledge and understanding of the mental health impacts that anxiety and panic can have on us. My therapy room, based in Lower Basing View Basingstoke, is a calm and safe space where you be welcomed and able to take things at your own pace.