Bereavement Counselling in Basingstoke, Grief Therapy

Bereavement counselling in Basingstoke at Find Clarity Counselling. Therapy for loss, death and grief provided by counsellor Simon Cook at his therapy room on the edge of Basingstoke town centre.

Bereavement counselling can help with the stages of grief and it’s associated feelings which often include sadness, pain, anxiety and distress. The process of grieving is a completely natural one which affects us all yet the emotion of grief can sometimes feel completely overwhelming and all-consuming.

Bereavement is the loss of someone, or something, important to us and at such a sensitive time, grief therapy can provide support to navigate your way through the complex emotions, the reactions you might be experiencing and the changes that you find yourself facing.

Bereavement Therapy Basingstoke

Therapy is a safe and private space to explore possible feelings of depression, confusion and desperation that can accompany bereavement. The intense grief we experience can mean that we want to ignore what’s happened or deny that it’s real. We will often go through phases of bargaining wanting the loved-one back or wanting extra precious moments with them. We can also feel angry and frustrated – sometimes it’s obvious that these feelings are associated with the loss but other times we just seem to feel ‘out of sorts’ or not sure what is happening to us.

In addition, there are occasions when a reminder can just come ‘out of the blue’ and we are faced with deep emotions all of a sudden. Sometimes those reminders are welcome and other times we wish we could just switch off those feelings for a while.

If you’re looking for support in the Basingstoke area, I am a professional counsellor with years of experience providing bereavement counselling and grief therapy from my counselling room in Basing View, RG21. Please get in touch to receive a warm, comfortable and understanding approach and some vital support at such a difficult time.