Depression Counselling in Basingstoke, Low Mood Therapy

Depression counselling in Basingstoke at Find Clarity Counselling. Therapy for low mood, sadness, misery and lack of interest is provided by Therapist, Simon Cook, at his counselling room in Lower Basing View, Basingstoke.

Depression counselling can help with the symptoms of extreme low mood and the associated physical and mental health manifestations. Whilst low mood and sadness can be experienced over brief periods of time, depression is characterised by feeling down for weeks, months or years.

Sadness is a completely normal and natural response to situations that are upsetting, painful, or disappointing. The state of depression though is experienced when these feelings dominate our ability to function normally and interfere with our daily lives.

Physically, depression can disturb your sleep, affect your appetite, you may experience aches and feel tired. Additionally the depressive feelings can mean that you find little or no interest in sex, you may feel numb and like you just want to stay in bed all day not wanting to interact with anybody or anything. Counselling can provide support to navigate your way through the difficulties you’re experiencing and find ways to alleviate the suffering.

Depression Therapy in Basingstoke

Therapy can offer a space to explore your low mood and how the depression is showing itself in your life. It’s common when depressed to lose interest in things, you might find that you are feeling teary and crying a lot, you will likely feel unhappy, possibly hopeless and lacking any purpose in life.

Their can be feelings of shame and embarrassment around depression and often we might feel like a burden to those around us. We don’t want to drag them down or be seen as the miserable one that always lowers the mood. Despite our awareness of this we might lack any motivation to do anything about it and so we find ourselves locked in a downward spiral.

Depressed mood can be linked with feelings of anxiety whilst severe depression can lead to thoughts of harming ourselves or even ending our lives as a way to escape the deep, dark state we find ourselves in. 

Based in Basingstoke, I’m an experienced therapist providing support with the sensitive areas of depressive thoughts, extreme low mood, self harm and suicide ideation. My therapy room is a few minutes walk from Basingstoke Train Station and Basingstoke Bus Station with free on-site parking. I offer a compassionate and understanding approach and I’m here to help. Please get in touch.