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Basingstoke male counsellor Simon Cook is a qualified therapist offering in-person counselling at his therapy room in Basingstoke. A male counsellor is often preferred by clients looking for support where they don’t feel comfortable talking with a female. It can sometimes be a male looking to speak with another male and equally as common, it can be a female looking for talking therapy with a male counsellor.

Male Counsellor in Basingstoke

Based in Basingstoke, Simon Cook is a male counsellor providing mental health support and talking therapy for both men and women. If you’re outside the Basingstoke area, counselling is also available online or over the telephone. Why see a male counsellor specifically? The answer could be that you just feel more comfortable talking with a man. Perhaps you don’t feel so comfortable speaking with a male so you’re purposely challenging yourself. It could be the case that you feel a man will understand better or maybe a male will approach the counselling in a different way.

Photo of Simon Cook therapist at Find Clarity Counselling

Male Therapist for Men Basingstoke

A few years ago, as a client when I was looking for a counsellor, I specifically looked for a male therapist and I remember looking at his picture and thinking ‘he looks like he would give me a hard time’. For some reason I (naively) thought I needed somebody to be tough with me in counselling and that’s something I associated with a male therapist. Interestingly, I spoke with a male friend recently who again searched for a male therapist but their reasoning was completely different. They believed the man looked friendly and like they would be easier to talk to about ‘men’s issues’. This just goes to show that we each have our own ideas about what being a male therapist is and what a male counsellor can and can’t offer.

Male Therapist For Women Basingstoke

I know of several women who have searched for a male therapist because they preferred to talk with a man. Just as above, we all carry preconceived ideas about what a particular gender might represent. As well as these overt beliefs it’s also likely that we have some subconscious thoughts about what a male therapist might be offering to the therapeutic relationship. Indeed you might like to explore these ideas as part of the therapy work because they could perhaps provide some clues about how you interact with males generally in the World and not just in a counselling setting.

As a male counsellor in Basingstoke I offer in-person sessions at my therapy room between Basing View and Chineham and I look forward to welcoming you.