Counselling Near Me Basingstoke Counsellor Near Me

Counsellors Near Me Basingstoke Counselling Near Me

Counselling near me in Basingstoke or searching for a counsellor near me? Then you obviously want a local counsellor in Basingstoke for face to face therapy and that is exactly what I offer. As a client, finding counselling near me means that I can visit in-person and receive the therapy close to where I live or work. For example, I might prefer being with a counsellor in-person and sitting with them in a therapy room because this could help me find a connection with them and help me build trust in the working relationship.

Counselling Near Me in Basingstoke

Find Clarity Counselling in Basingstoke is based near Chineham and near Old Basing so it’s easy finding it from Basingstoke town centre. For local therapy and in-person visits my therapy room is located close to Basing View and the business parks. If you’re looking to visit and wondering is that near me, the postcode is RG21 4HG and there is free parking on-site.

My therapy room at Find Clarity Counselling in Basingstoke is ready to welcome you if you’re finding yourself overwhelmed by life’s troubles and wanting to find some support by meeting a counsellor face to face for talking therapy. We will have fifty minutes together during the session to discuss whatever is on your mind and to navigate our way through the challenges you’re facing. If you’re wondering if this could be right for you, it might be helpful to also look at my page on counselling.

Basingstoke Counsellors Near Me

As I mentioned previously, finding a counsellor nearby is important if you want the presence of being in a room with the therapist where you can see what they look like and perhaps how they are responding. There are occasions though where finding a local therapist is less important and that is when the counselling can take place online or over the phone. Here the locality is much less of a consideration and in fact, you might prefer to be at a distance or maybe there are some limitations that mean it isn’t possible to visit a counsellor in-person. You might prefer the anonymity of speaking on the phone where you can’t be seen or as another option, we could connect online where you can see me, the counsellor, but I can’t see you because you keep your screen turned off.

Whichever method you find to be the most convenient, my name is Simon and I look forward to welcoming you soon – either in my counselling room near Basingstoke, online or over the phone.